What Is “Right Now Music Radio?”

      • “Right Now Music Radio” is an entirely NEW broadcast radio format with a playlist that is more connected to the listener than any single digital service, curated as it happens.
      • The hits defined by YOUR listeners.
      • We know where your millennials are digitally in terms of their music “must haves,” and what they’re listening to on multiple digital platforms … we have the technology to turn that data into meaningful broadcast radio programming!

Who We Are and What We Do

“Right Now Music Radio” is brought to you by Zapoleon Media Strategies President Mark St. John and a brain trust of sharp programmers.

      • Right Now Music Radio is the new mass appeal hit music format for millennials, and anyone who wants to hear THEIR music on the radio. It's the format of on demand listening!
      • Up until now, CHR / Top 40 estimated what listeners want. Right Now Music Radio DIRECTLY connects with music consumers digitally through our proprietary algorithm, and converts them to YOUR listeners.
      • We are your partner, working together with you to create a unique audio brand that becomes YOUR audio brand.
      • We assist with talent, imaging and marketing ideas to make it come alive the way only radio does.
      • Radio Now Music Radio is the THE playlist for FM, Right NOW.

Market exclusive and available now before the OTHER guys get it.

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